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Monday, June 27, 2022

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Fire & Property Insurance

Fire Insurance

Features: Covering Properties, Buildings and Contents of warehouses, Dwellings, Factories, Industries and manufacturing premises labour accommodation, etc.

Benefits: The policy provides indemnity against loss or damage to property insured caused by fire and/or lighting. Insurance may be extended at additional premium to cover Burglary, Explosion, Aircraft Damage, Impact, Earthquake, Riot & Strike, Malicious Damage, Storm Tempest Flood and Bursting of Water Pipes, etc.

Premium is calculated per thousand of the total Sum Insured. The rate varies according to the nature of the risk and type of cover.

Fire Consequential Loss

Loss of Profit or consequential loss resulting from interruption after the property insured is destroyed or damaged by fire or any other insured perils.

Property All Risk Insurance

Features: This policy is designed for industrial, manufacturing, and commercial risks, provides cover against all risk of physical loss, destruction, or damage to property, other than those risks specifically excluded under the policy.

House Holder's Comprehensive Insurance

Features: This policy covers loss or damage to the insured household properties in the dwellings caused by fire, theft, Water damage, Earthquake, and other allied perils.

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