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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

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Motor Comprehensive & Third Party Insurance

Motor Comprehensive Insurance covering the Loss, Damage to the Vehicle Insured and Third Party Liability or Third Party Insurance covering Third Party Liability Only. Personal Accident Insurance benefits for Driver & Passengers available at additional premium.

Motor Third Party insurance covers the Insured’s and / or Driver’s Legal Liability for compensation towards Third Parties.

Concept: To indemnify the insured’s legal liability to third parties for injury or damage or property and/or to compensate for the loss of or damage to the insured vehicle by fire or theft or other accidental damage covered.

Coverage: Private Cars, Goods carrying vehicle, Vehicles for hire, Buses, Minibuses, Coaches, and special types such as mobile shops and food vans etc.

Premium is calculated as a percentage of sum insured “vehicle value” in Comprehensive policies and as a flat premium in Third Party Liability policies according to the vehicle type, usage, etc. with minimum premium.

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